4 things about this “startup hype” that are just not right

This is a short article for Startup e-Bulgaria. However, as is it is quite important to me, I wanted to have it here too.

Startup e-Bulgaria

A great thing is happening in Bulgaria: young people do their own projects; struggle to stay here and feel good at the same time. Last year was a complete startup explosion, supported by many opportunities like startup accelerators, angel investors and many events. Overall, it is the thing that happens around the globe, but when we check out the details, there are couple of things that are just not right and startups have to know about them.

+ When something is growing, there always some dodgers who are looking for an easy way to make money. Beware of those and be able to recognize them. As being a startup, you have very limited amount of cash and every single coin must go to the right place. If you need some business services, make sure the companies that provide them, do not overcharge you. Unfortunately, in Bulgaria there are many peopleā€¦

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