7 reasons to join Code First: Girls

Code First: Girls is a free part-time course, created by Entrepreneur First, for high-potential female graduates and students that want to take part in the digital revolution” 

If you are a female planning to work in the world of IT, this is just for you. I am pleased to be part of the programme this summer and here is why (besides the obvious fact that understanding that language is already a must):

1. It’s personal


You get there, because there is something about you that matches the entrepreneurship community. And because you are a woman who is not afraid to get into this really frustrating (at the beginning) world of programming. It’s all about you and other girls like you, so once you get there, you are already part of a great community that will open doors for you in the future.

2. There are others like you


Well, yes! You are not alone in your battle. Programming is hard at the start, but all of the other guys there are in the same situation. It feels better to fight with allies.

3. Amazing atmosphere

It might sounds a bit trivial, but you really feel great there. Entrepreneur First, Level 39, the teachers and instructors make you feel home and not afraid to ask even the most stupid things.

4. It’s online, but it is also offline

You are not learning to code on your own at home. You are socializing with more people like you, help each other (really important thing!) and share a great space…

5. Speaking of space… One Canada Square is amazing!


This is the stunning view from Level 39 and you see it every time you go there.

6. Events!

The course is accompanied by many events, parties and summer drinks in London’s best co-working spots. It gives great opportunities for networking.

7. You actually begin to understand…

The way you look at the code changes. You will be able to communicate better with tech guys in the future and to understand their work. What is even more exciting, is the fact it is going to get better every day.

Of course, it takes a lot more efforts and time, but at some point you will pass the hardest part and will ‘complete the puzzle’. If you plan to have your own startup one day (and you are not a tech person), you really need to consider educating yourself a bit more of coding.

Until then, KEEP CALM and CODE FIRST!


There are plenty of reasons to learn to code – check them out! Check out the latest tweets about #codefirstgirls here. 


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