beat that, Amazon!

After the announcement of Amazon drones, the whole Internet exploded with videos and comments. It’s nothing new, the coverage is breathless: exciting technology goes into retail and gives you the opportunity to get your delivery in just 30 minutes after… 5 years.


As written on Guardian by James Ball, “Here’s the problem: it’s all hot air and baloney… the technology to make the drones operational in any sense is not yet in place. It’s all well and good for the unmanned vehicles to fly to a particular GPS site, but how does it then find the package’s intended recipient? How is the transfer of the package enacted? What stops someone else stealing the package along the way? And what happens when next door’s kid decides to shoot the drone with his BB rifle?”

It’s a cool idea, but takes a lot of time to be executed. Apparently, it would take the same time to train some owls to do the job. At least Waterstones plan to test this solution on the books delivery while Amazon works on their.

“We’re excited to announce the Ornithological Waterstones Landing Service, a brand new way to receive your favourite books.

O.W.L.S. consists of a fleet of specially trained owls that, either working individually or as an adorable team, will be able to deliver your package within thirty minutes of you placing your order.”

And my favourite frequently asked question regarding the O.W.L.S. technology:

“Q. Isn’t this just what they did in Harry Potter?

A: Yes, this is exactly what they did in Harry Potter. You’re asking that as if this is a bad thing.”

Now, beat that, Amazon! ;-)


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