He For She: 0.08% supporters from Bulgaria



Benjamin Dux: ‘My wife has a degree in Computer Sciences. I have not. In my last job I earned as much as she does. In my next job I will earn more than she does now. And I am pretty sure if I had a degree, the gap would be even bigger. This is because I am a man, and she is a woman.’

Examples of gender (in)equality in Bulgaria:

# Universities (like “Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski”, one of the best higher education institutions in Bulgaria) have admission spots by gender.

# => Universities accept males with significantly lower grades than females’ ones.

# Women in Bulgaria earn 15% less than men. (article in Bulgarian, Eurostat data)

# Only 19% of the managers in the IT industry are women.

# 30% of the ICT specialists are women.

# Can you think of more…?


85 men in Bulgaria think it is not right and stated it on HeForShe. It’s 0.08% of the total.

Can they be more? #HeForShe #share


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