my year was different

“This Year Will Be Different” by Monika Kanokova turned out to be the best possible end-of-the-year-resolutional-read. Not only because the book has the power to inspire an awesome year ahead. But because it showed me that I really made my 2015 different and I didn’t know it.

This year will be different

Since I remember myself getting up early has always been super hard for me and I get truly crazy if I stay longer at one place. If there is a moment when I don’t have a plane ticket and expected journey soon, I get extremely nervous. All of that was a big trouble for me, because I always knew I have a path to follow: school, University, 9-to-5 job, marriage, kids. Well, now 30, I have swerved out of that way too many times. And this year was different because I finally comprehended that it is okay.

Here is my end-of-the-year reflection and several observations that came out of it:

Discover yourself and then bear it in mind when making decisions

It’s perfectly okay not to be a morning person. Do not feel guilty of your bad mood in the traffic and do not feel ashamed by all those articles about successful people’s routines (yes, they all are morning people and wake up between 4 and 6). You can be as successful if you embrace your nature and select jobs that fit in. That’s all.

You can do whatever you’d like to

In most of the cases, tons of things that you have dreamt of but stay only in your dreams are much more reachable than you think. You just need to start working on getting there and have some patience.

I have a nice example for you from my very “different 2015”:

I started to learn playing guitar. Music was an important part of my entire life and I finally decided to give it a try. I was sure it is too late. It is not. I started taking lessons in XS Artists music school in March and with average 2-4 hours playing per week, 9 months later I can play a song I love from the beginning to the end. If you have more time, you will be better sooner. If Meryl Streep learnt to play it at 65 what is your excuse?

You can work anywhere

This year it was my last attempt to adapt to working in an office all day long. Although I liked my job, those several months spent on a desk felt like a prison to me. I decided to do my best to escape from this routine, but still be financially sufficient. That could happen. Did you hear about location independent work and digital nomadism? Those terms have different meanings, but give the same freedom – you can work wherever you want.

In June I started working as a freelance marketing consultant. It has been only several months since I launched my marketing consultancy, but I already have several amazing “clients” who I should better call friends and co-workers. Their projects are awesome and I am glad that I can support their further development.

Do you also want to work from home, a café or co-working space (yes, beach is not an option, sorry. Do not get deceived by those cheesy pictures with people on laptops at the beach. Think logically.)? It is possible. Read more on Nomadetc. – a great project by Nomadways which collects valuable sources and information about digital nomadism and which (fingers crossed) will be developed even further in 2016.

Come on, 2016! Come, as we have more boundaries to break together!


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