About me

What is the Everhooder and who am I?

This is my blog and I am Alex. Hi!

I am passionate about many things and it’s something I cannot help it (Jack of all trades, they say) … But ever since I remember myself, I am most passionate about two things: how the things I use on my computer and mobile make me feel; and arts – visual & music. So, this is what you are mainly going to find out here – my observations, reflections and findings on art, inspiration, web, mobile, user experience, digital marketing and music.

Why bother?

because if you work on local business, creative industry or tech products, this might be helpful, inspiring, informative. I have more than 10 years experience in marketing (digital and not only), graphic design, web and project management. I am eager to find out more about people on the Internet and how do they respond to the epic amount of stuff out there. That’s why I test a lot of things, experiment; I try to make digital marketing less lazy and more efficient and I care about aesthetic, art and creativity. Check out my digital consultancy and contact me if you would like to talk. :)

What’s the connection with music?

none. I just love it. I am an indie music selector and create a new mix of great indie tunes almost every month. My love for music made me buy an acoustic guitar and spend a lot of my free time with it.

And visual arts?

I always loved drawing even though I didn’t turn it into a professional occipation. However, I now study History of Art at the National Art Academy, Sofia (Bulgaria) and explore the opportunities of visual and graphic facilitation, so if interested, follow my page (in Bulgarian only) to stay tuned for trainings and news.

Welcome and have a great time around here! -.-

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