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in 2012 me and my co-founders Oleg and Kiko participated in Start It Smart entrepreneurship club’s competition “3Challenge”. We pitched for the first time our project and got invited to attend Eleven Selection days. We pitched again. And in September 2012 we joined their 3-month acceleration programme. What we found out back then? That there is something called a “startup” and Eventyard was such thing.

it’s 2015 now and we have raised more funds; pitched more than 50 times in more than 10 European cities; but what is most important: we have built a nice place where indie event organizers can add and promote their events and pre-sell tickets online. And this is just the beginning. Join Eventyard here.




There is so much to know while on the job search. There’s the experience, your education, your motivation to apply for a certain job – and you need to add all of that in a simple job application. The resume is a key element and only few of us actually know how exactly it should look like.

Enhancv is a tool that gives you valuable tips on what to add and how to showcase your experience, passions and personality. Only this way the recruiter may understand what kind of person is on the other side. It’s not only about the catchy design – the information and achievements are what matters the most.

Together with the amazing team of Enhancv, we are trying to show successful examples of people who managed to build perfect resumes; to share tips and insightful information about the whole recruiting process and inspire you to want and do more. It’s more than a resume! Follow us on facebook, twitter, linkedin and read the blog.




sidewalks neighbourhoodSidewalks Neighborhood

if you have ever been in Sofia (the Bulgarian capital), then you’ve probably noticed how curious are the sidewalks. It is hard to explain it, so you just need to see it.

This project was funded by Sofia Municipality and Programme Europe 2014. Its main goal was to start a discussion about Sofia sidewalks’ past and future, the opportunities to fix them and collect many ideas and good practices. So, I created a website; together with my team made a detailed research of examples; got many photos of the sidewalks in Oborishte area (a central area in Sofia) and I designed a funny look-book, called “The Pedestrian Diary“. Unfortunately, the project recourses are available only in Bulgarian but you can still have a look. Visit the website here.



Red Paper Plane

This is a new type of family game for 3-6 year old designers and their curious parents. Based on missions that engage the children in meaningful, fun and challenging ways, teach them how to care about themselves and the world they live in. Because later in life, this is the way artists, designers, architects, engineers, developers, teachers or entrepreneurs live, work and solve problems in new and exciting ways.

Together with the team, we try to inform modern parents about the valuable means of design thinking and provide them not only with the missions, but inspiration and knowledge. The world is huge and your kid will be a global citizen. Geography matters no more. Follow the project online to see more of the project – facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest and instagram.


99 creaturesI got 99 creatures

i very much enjoyed drawing sketches in my notebooks back in school. Later in high school I created number of comic books and many of my friends there were reading and following the storylines. For some reason all of that was lost in the past and after finishing school I got caught up in working quite a lot.

That’s why I started the challenge of 99 creatures: to remember those days. I had to create 99 characters in 99 days. These guys are the result (and I got used to the drawing tablet, which was also one of the main goals).


bar flipflopbar flipflop

thanks to my friends Oleg and Kiko, who opened a really nice bar in Sofia, I was able to create some artworks and develop a bit more my skills. As a result, the bar now has some hand-made menus – drawings by me, placed on flip-flops. Isn’t it legit?

Btw, I also made some “reserved” labels and other stuff with the stylized artworks. Love to go there and draw from time to time (besides the countless number of beers I have opened; or drunk).

Visit their website.


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  1. Хаха, гениално! Много ми харесват съществата. :))

    1. Страшно много се радвам! Дано измисля още по-интересни, има 74 дни да творя хаха :-)

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