99 creatures: 76. touty

76. touty “I wanted to thank the Creatures Union for tons of things! For the easy travelling; the opportunity to go and buy amazing and different stuff from different places and being able to bring it back home; for the interesting intercreational projects you can fund and attend… As I said tons of stuff! That’s […]


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99 creatures: 32. coloreyed

  32. coloreyed He is so colourful and happy… it’s because he is certain about everything and he knows that everything’s okay. He gives other creatures strength and joy. He is travelling between different worlds and knows where we come from and where we go to.

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99 creatures: 31. edar

  31. edar This is a very special character. He is one of his kind and immortal. He is the oldest creature known and all of the world’s wisdom is in his head (or that part of his enormous body where the memories collector lays). One representative of all of the creatures species schedules appointment […]

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99 creatures: 27. mirrorine

  27. mirrorine She is one of the worst creatures ever! She lives in young girls’ rooms and convinces them that they are fat and ugly by showing a badly photoshopped image of them. There are way too many girls got sick because of her!  27. мирорина Тя е едно от най-злите същества! Живее в […]

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99 creatures: 09. petnoto

09. petnoto Petnoto (in English means “the spot”) is a solid proof that the spots are alive. He e is a leader of the “Save our lives” party – its members fight for their right to live and against companies that produce chemicals like Vanish etc. 09. петното Петното е доказателството, че и петната имат […]

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