99 creatures: 08. octoboss

08. octoboss He’s the boss, yep. Most of the octobosses are real-life bosses. They are bosses of some waterfalls, seas, lakes etc. Isn’t that cool?! More about ’99 creatures’ project 08. октобос Октобосът е шефът! Повечето от тях са шефове в истинския живот: на някои водопади, морета, езера и т.н. Не е ли яко?!

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99 creatures: 07. crazychick

  07. crazychick Crazy as only a chicken-look-a-like could be! The look don’t lie – these guys are really crazy and always think of very unexpected things to do. Usually get other creatures into ridiculous situations, but it is always fun. 07. лудопиле Пълна откачалка, приличаща на пиле! Погледът им не лъже – супер откачени […]

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99 creatures: 06. robotcho

  06. robotcho A very caring guy who is usually taking care of kids and works mostly in kindergardens. Knows tons of amazing and really curious games and is very entertaining. 06. роботчо Изключително грижовно същество, което обикновено се грижи за малки деца и работи в детски градини. Знае тонове супер интересни игри и е […]

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99 creatures: 05. drag

05. drag Some guys say he looks like a snake. But you cannot see creepers like that in a snake, right?! They are not poisoned or stuff like that. They just make quite odd noise to make some smaller creatures come closer and then… Yep, drag is not a good guy indeed. More of ’99 […]

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99 creatures: 03. lamps

  03. lamps (Drawing on a tablet is still too hard… hope to get better in couple of creatures) Lamps is a very nice and funny guy. They call him that way, because when it gets dark, he starts to shine like a lamp. You will also here a nice joke from him, even when […]

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