99 creatures: 98. waysidey

98. waysidey “I stay beside the road and watch the world going on. You meet a lot of creatures and stories this way. It is always awesome to have a talk and collect someone’s story in your memory palace. Mine is endless… That’s like living a couple of lifetimes!” 98. крайпътко “Стоя покрай пътя и […]

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99 creatures: 97. bally

97. bally He is super active. There is no way he will hang around without finding something to do. If you need someone to find you a job, he will do it – everyone needs a Bally around! 97. топчи Той е хипер-активен. Няма начин да се мотае наоколо без да върши нещо полезно. Ако […]

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99 creatures: 96. fency

96. fency “Creatures have forgotten how to build good fences. It’s good that we are around so we can teach them. They need to be protected and fences do a great job!” 96. оградко “Съществата са позабравили как се строят добри огради. Добре, че сме наоколо да им покажем. Те имат нужда да бъдат защитавани […]

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99 creatures: 95. creeper

  95. creeper “Creatures are quite rude sometimes. They call me different names because I have an odd look. Well, I just like to watch everything around me and explore them and the world. But they think I am creepy.” 95. зловещко “Съществата са доста груби понякога. Наричат ме с различни обидни думи защото имам […]

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