The music of February

February is shorter, so is the Lazy Indie Sundays mix. Let’s celebrate the shortest month of the year with some relaxing music for your Sunday mood. ;-)

01 Lorn – Acid rain

I don’t really like February’s rain. It is raining all afternoon and couple of hours ago it turned from pure rain to massive snowing that overflew my twitter feed… It is like a promise that Winter is not going anywhere. However, Lorn is here and I hope we will here more of that sound this year.

02 NIVA – The boy from the sun

NIVA gives some fresh electronic pop from Sweden which also gives some sense of snow and I found it quite suitable for this mix…

03 Gabriel Vitel – Feeling better

Gabriel Vitel is from Germany and describes his music as “indie dance”. I find this description very true as I would dance on this song for sure. I also hope February will give us better time.

Lazy Indie Sundays mix - Feb, 2015

04 Kakkmaddafakka – Your girl

The band comes from Norway and is quite popular in Western Europe. A friend of mine who lived in Brussels introduced them to me and I was planning to add a song of them earlier. However, it was about time, so let’s listen to one of their most popular songs.

05 Milo Greene – Lie to me

It is one of the main songs from their second album (Control, 2015). The songs sound very different from their first album and many of their “fans” seem to flood their Youtube channel with hate. No matter what you had expected, this is what you have: a different sounding and new vision. Listen and decide for yourself.

06 Mumford and Sons – The cave

Recently I have discovered that I haven’t added this song to any of the LIS-es before. So, I did now.

07 Girlpool – Jane

Girlpool’s first EP has this very natural sound of several girls, gathered quite drunk in a basement and decided to record an album. This is a very refreshing one.

08 Razorlight – Golden touch

Another old song which waited for its turn to get in here. A friend of mine showed me this video 1-2 years ago (not sure) and this is how I discovered this song. Lovely!

09 Augustines – Cruel city

Some fine indie rock from Brooklyn.

10  José Gonzalez – Heartbeats

Another guys from Sweden, another great indie sound! His family comes from Argentina, but he was born in Sweden and that’s why his music is purely Swedish. This lovely tune is from the distant 2006.

11 Valleys – Micromoving

Micromoving is definitely a moving tune. I waited the right moment to add this song a mix; it feels okay here.

12 Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Atlas hands

A mix is not a mix without a tune from the UK. And this song… when I listen to it, I want to book a ticket to somewhere and hit the road again. I got the travel bug.

13 Laura Veirs – July flame

Laura Veirs adds a nice Colorado sounding to the mix.

14 Paul Simon – Peace like a river

Together with Laura, Paul Simon gives a good touch of very experienced musicians with decades of songwriting and performing. They fit together really well here.

15 The Dø – Dust it off

French-Finnish mixture that I have discovered quite late. But they say “better late than never”, so enjoy!

16 Message to Bears – Wake me

I find this song very suitable for an ending of this mix. Visit the mix on Mixcloud and give me some love if you enjoy it. 

January music

Lazy Indie Sundays – January 2015’s mix is my musical opening of 2015

01 Sylvan Esso – Coffee

There’s not much about them on wikipedia. They’re new. Their first single ‘Coffee’ is a milky mix of electro and lively female indie vocals. I think it was a great start of January’s music selection.

Lazy Indie Sundays - Jan, 2015
A friend of mine got a baby cat last month. I discovered that I have an allergy. But I love cats anyways.

02 Beck – Turn away

The great moment when I discovered their new album. And when I heard this song in a nice movie.

03 Saint Raymond – Fall at your feet

It’s always refreshing to hear the complete British sounding. This 19-year-old boy has a class!

04 George Ezra – Budapest

I have a friend in Budapest. But between her being and getting back there, we were hitting the road in Iceland to discover the Gulfoss waterfall and the Gaysir. So, when she told me that she likes my mixes, I decided that I had to put a hidden message here, I hope she got it :D

05 Little May – Midnight hour

Ever since I’ve listened to their first EP, I am always thinking where to play one of their songs. I have them all already in my mixes. They all are perfect. This one is one of my favorite.

06 Francisco the Man – Progress

For me, 2015 will be a year of change and progress. Not sure what are Francisco the Man’s plans, but I really hope they will be quite similar!

07 Au Revoir Simone – Crazy

Did you know where their name comes from? Tim Burton’s 1985 movie Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. I was born that year. Some facts that are truly connected but you don’t care about.

08 Wake Owl – You’ll never go

I just love this band. That’s all.

09 Grouplove – Colours

This song was released in 2011 and was their first success. It’s a classic indie tune to me.

10 Haerts – Hemiplegia

I’ve heard this song in a movie and Shazam did the job. You know, if you see someone shazamming, it’s not necessarily that he/she doesn’t know the song. Sometimes, they just want to remember that they’ve listened to it in that moment.

11 The 1975 – So far (it’s alright)

I was playing at a party and a girl asked me to play The 1975. I promised I will. But I didn’t. I thought I had their song on my Mac, but I didn’t. Sorry!

12 Dustin Tebbutt – The breach

This is the title track from his solo album. He is an Australian guy who went to Sweden to write music. This is the result.

13 Radical Face – Welcome home, son

This song is pure classic.

14 Bon Iver – Holocene

At the end of every mix I tend to add either a great acoustic performance, acoustic cover or a deep tune. This song goes into the last category. It was nominated for several awards, but didn’t receive them. Well, it gets our love. I can play it on repeat without being exhausted.

15 Gotye – Hearts a mess

Thanks to his duo with Kimbra, we discovered him. Half Belgian, half Australian, Gotye is a king of indie and alternative sounding. And this lovely tune was the ending song of ‘The Great Gatsby’. This is how I re-discovered it some time ago. Perfect ending of this mix, too.

Here it is: