Моментът да запазим песните на Дряновските Баби е сега

На 3-ти март фийдът ми във Facebook беше залят с разнообразни картинки с българското знаме. Под тях беше пълно с гръмки патриотични вопли и възгласи, изпълнени с любов към българщината и запазването на нашата уникална идентичност.

Супер! Ето ви една уникална и идеална възможност да подкрепите българското, да докажете любовта си и да помогнете на родопските песни да бъдат записани, увековечени и група прекрасни Дряновски баби да се зарадва, че “младите” не са ги забравили и изоставили!

Ако сега не го направим, няма кога после. Ще бъде късно.

Дряновските баби

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this month’s book-book: the klaxon press journal

enter the modern Bulgarian era confidently with this read in your hands. ‘The Klaxon Press’ first edition this September meets you with some new artists and their messages to you. Come and get from bar FlipFlop in Sofia. Visit klaxon press’ website.


4 things about this “startup hype” that are just not right

This is a short article for Startup e-Bulgaria. However, as is it is quite important to me, I wanted to have it here too.

Startup e-Bulgaria

A great thing is happening in Bulgaria: young people do their own projects; struggle to stay here and feel good at the same time. Last year was a complete startup explosion, supported by many opportunities like startup accelerators, angel investors and many events. Overall, it is the thing that happens around the globe, but when we check out the details, there are couple of things that are just not right and startups have to know about them.

+ When something is growing, there always some dodgers who are looking for an easy way to make money. Beware of those and be able to recognize them. As being a startup, you have very limited amount of cash and every single coin must go to the right place. If you need some business services, make sure the companies that provide them, do not overcharge you. Unfortunately, in Bulgaria there are many people…

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“Peevski” – just the beginning (summary by Deutsche Welle BG)

DisclaimerThis is a translation of the summary, published by DW Bulgaria and written by Ivan Bedrov. I am not a translator and probably big parts of this text could have a better translation. However, as I don’t find any, I just wanted to have this well-done summary in English too, so more foreigners could see why the Bulgarians are protesting.

Almost every day since the assignment of “Oresharski” Government looks like the day when Peevski (on the picture below) was appointed as Head of the State Agency of National Security. Nearly a month has passed, and the government members cross all lines and start new scandals.

Тази снимка е собственост на БГНЕС.

It has been a month since the protests in Bulgaria have started and probably more time will pass before they end. Meanwhile stressing on their demands and creativity, we seem to miss what is the Government doing. When they crossed the line with appointing Delyan Peevski as Head of the State Agency of National Security (14. June 2013), they tried to undo it and palliate the situation. It seems that that day when they assigned the “recently experienced catharsis” media boss, was also the start of already a-month-long-series of bad decisions. The situation was constantly messed up by the alliance of Bulgarian political parties BSP-DPS-“Ataka” (Bulgarian Socialists Party, The Movement for Rights and Freedoms and the party called “Attack”). Continue reading ““Peevski” – just the beginning (summary by Deutsche Welle BG)”