99 creatures: 76. touty

76. touty “I wanted to thank the Creatures Union for tons of things! For the easy travelling; the opportunity to go and buy amazing and different stuff from different places and being able to bring it back home; for the interesting intercreational projects you can fund and attend… As I said tons of stuff! That’s […]

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99 creatures: 72. pawy

  72. pawy Pawy has the softest paws ever! They are so soft, that every single creatures adores them. If you need a massage, you should definitely try Pawy’s one. 72. лапко Лапко има най-меките лапи на света! Толкова са меки, че всяко същество ги обожава. Ако имаш нужда от масаж, задължително трябва да опиташ […]

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99 creatures: 71. greenman

71. greenman Truly fascinated by the nature (trees, plants, water, animals…) he became part of it. Did you know where the name of the festival “The Green Man” comes from? Now you know! ;-Р 71. зеленчо След като е бил тотално завладян от природата, той постепенно се е превърнал в част от нея. Даже, знаеш […]

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99 creatures: 69. ticketcho

69. ticketcho Problems with your tickets? If you know Ticketcho, you shouldn’t worry at all – he is the best creature to solve them all. He is rather experienced in providing any kind of event with tickets (offline, online, mobile, in the cloud, outside the cloud etc.) and everyone who is planning a gig or […]

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99 creatures: 66. smokie

66. smokie Some creatures call him Casper. Well, he is not a ghost, so that is a bit wrong and offensive. However, he is a very nice creature and doesn’t make a big deal out of it. 66. пушечко Някои същества го наричат Каспър. Всъщност, той не е призрак и това определение е доста неточно […]

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