99 creatures: 64. brownie

64. brownie Some creatures think he is brown because he eats tons of chocolate. He is a real choco-lover and his meals always include chocolate and cocoa. 64. кафевчон Някои от съществата са сигурни, че е кафяв защото яде само шоколад. Като един истински фен на шоколада, всяко негово меню включва основно шоколад и какао.

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99 creatures: 62. poodlelin

62. poodlelin “I guess I am a bit tired. Tired of walking and proving that I am not a pet or something. It’s just that most of the other creatures thought I had something in common with poodles. I don’t.” 62. пуделин “Предполагам, че съм просто малко уморен. Уморен от обикаляне, от доказване, че не съм домашен […]

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99 creatures: 61. carpetchen

  61. carpetchen Do your feet get cold sometimes? Or your waist hurts because of cold time? There he is – your true saviour! Carpetchens are always there to make our lives warmer when we need it. 61. килимчо Страдаш ли от “студени крака”? Или те боли кръста, защото си стоял на течение? Ето го […]

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99 creatures: 60. canman

  60. canman “I cannot get why people love canned food that much! It is terribly annoying, because they are always trying to open me and expect to find coke, corn, fish or whatever canned shit inside. People, I am not a canned food! I am a canman!” That’s why he looks angry, he is […]

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99 creatures: 58. asphalteater

58. asphalteater – I am not sure why some people and creatures hate me. I just what I have to eat to survive… Some centuries ago my ancestors had eaten rocks, but asphalt is much tastier and easy to digestion. Until there is asphalt, we will eat it. Get over it! 58. асфлатояд – Не […]

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