99 creatures: 65. eyebrowdie

65. eyebrowdie “I am glad I don’t have to go to beauty parlour. My eyebrows are perfect they way they are!” He works as a perfect eyebrows consultant. 65. веждичко “Щастлив съм, че не се налага да ходя на козметик. Веждите ми са перфекти от само себе си.” Той работи като консултант по перфектни вежди.


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99 creatures: 55. hipip

55. hipip They don’t call him that way because of being a hippo-look-a-like, but because he is a real hippy. All of his kind travel with caravans and sing together under the stars. They love deserted beaches and always fight for them and prevent them from being built. 55. хипип Не го наричат така заради […]

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99 creatures: 44. collecta

  44. collecta He collects and keeps safe all of those memories you don’t need at the moment, but will need sometime. This way you keep your head clear of the unnecessary information. 44. събирачко Той събира и държи на сигурно място всички спомени, които в момента не ти трябват, но ще ти потрябват след […]

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99 creatures: 37. leavine

  37. leavine She is eating tree leaves and collects them with these kind-a-feet things she has, using some vacuum technology, too. She prefers autumn leaves, so she travels to different places to chase the fall, but at some points she also eats green leaves (when on diet, too). 37. листолина Тя се храни с […]

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99 creatures: 30. entie

  30. entie If you think of Tolkien’s ents when you see this, you are thinking right. Entie is a heir of those ancient creatures and a living proof that the books are not fantasy novels, but great work of world history. Enties are a lot smaller and move much faster that their ancestry. 30. […]

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