I want to be a digital nomad. What skills do I need?

A question that keeps popping up again and again. This is my answer to it.

What is a digital nomad?

A “Digital nomad” is a relatively new term, which leads to many interpretations. In October 2015 I joined a training that aimed to give a definition of it, but during the process the group agreed that there is no single and absolute explanation of this modern phenomenon. It is pretty much about moving to different places while you work online. That’s it.

Yet it is a desired “career path” by many millenials who were raised with the thought of living a dream life — be everything they want, to travel a lot and be free. There are many blogs and groups with digital nomads out there and you can read tons of articles on this awesome way of life. Most of them work at the beach, go to exotic places and are smiling on all of their pictures. How not to desire such a life? Continue reading “I want to be a digital nomad. What skills do I need?”