99 creatures: 93. butlerson

  93. butlerson He is very precise and attentive about his job. He makes sure that the service is perfect and the guests are feeling super awesome. A lot of creatures do not understand why all of his kind love to serve other creatures and not to want to be “free” according to their understanding of […]

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99 creatures: 92. techy

  92. techy All of us have some problems with the tech stuff, right? Sometimes you just need a safe mode or shield and not to worry… You can get it with a Techy around – every tech thingy is safe around him! 92. техчо Всички сме имали ядове с техниката… Понякога просто искаш да […]

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99 creatures: 91. grenny

91. grenny That’s a pretty calm creature. Always careful not to stay at too cold or hot places; not to walk too much so his legs start hurting; not to drink too much coffee, so he cannot sleep etc.. Some creatures believe that he thinks too much, but it all happens quite naturally – no […]

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99 creatures: 87. bubo

87. bubo “When I was young I thought I look like a wardrobe. I was quite embarrassed and avoided going out too often. Now I feel better – I am okay with myself. Creatures love me!” 87. бубо “Когато бях малък си мислех, че приличам на гардероб. Притеснявах се доста и рядко излизах с приятели. […]

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