99 creatures: 83. artista

83. artista He is a true artist. But that’s not all – he can do a lot of things and he is really good at them. The curiosity he has about everything that surrounds him makes him getting better in everything. There is a saying that Leonardo da Vinci was not a human, but an artista! 83. […]

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99 creatures: 82. fiorentine

82. fiorentine When ancient creatures first saw her and the others of her kind, they named them fiorentines for no reason. It was just that they didn’t look like anything familiar, so creatures just put a random name. Later on, first fiorentines’ heirs thought they come from Firenze and started a tradition: every summer to get […]

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99 creatures: 81. bagman

  81. bagman “When I was a small kid, I was told that the Bagman is really bad. He takes the kids if they do bad things and don’t listen to their parents, and then they never return. Preposterous!” – says Edar. Yet, creatures are a bit suspicious when they meet a bagman. But his nice […]

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99 creatures: 80. threewise

  80. threewise They call them that way because they are always living by three. They are thinking and speaking as one creature, so no one is really sure if this is one creatures, or three. They may not speak too much, but when they do – it is always the right thing at the […]

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99 creatures: 79. woodie

  79. woodie “The wood is an amazing material! There’s plenty of stuff we can create with it and give life to it. It’s amazing – there’s so much life in wood!” – Woodie works on creating crafts of wood and often gives them peculiar names. He believes they are alive. 79. дървенчо “Дървото е […]

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