Manage projects? Some tips on how to avoid fake (or none) participation

Back at “Tools for Youth Exchanges” in Reykjavik, Iceland, we were discussing the main obstacles on your way to a perfect Erasmus+ project. Of course, there are many ways your project to go wrong, but here we will focus on the participation issue. It is a big issue which may come by rich variety of reasons. […]


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99 creatures: 96. fency

96. fency “Creatures have forgotten how to build good fences. It’s good that we are around so we can teach them. They need to be protected and fences do a great job!” 96. оградко “Съществата са позабравили как се строят добри огради. Добре, че сме наоколо да им покажем. Те имат нужда да бъдат защитавани […]

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99 creatures: 95. creeper

  95. creeper “Creatures are quite rude sometimes. They call me different names because I have an odd look. Well, I just like to watch everything around me and explore them and the world. But they think I am creepy.” 95. зловещко “Съществата са доста груби понякога. Наричат ме с различни обидни думи защото имам […]

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99 creatures: 93. butlerson

  93. butlerson He is very precise and attentive about his job. He makes sure that the service is perfect and the guests are feeling super awesome. A lot of creatures do not understand why all of his kind love to serve other creatures and not to want to be “free” according to their understanding of […]

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