99 creatures: 90. yellowy

90. yellowy “Some of us are defined by their colour. I am one of them – my name comes from my colour. That makes it impossible to know what is there inside of me, don’t you think?” 90. жълтур “Някои от нас бързо ги определят според цвета им. Аз съм един от тях – името […]

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99 creatures: 89. bighead

89. bighead “I don’t understand why creatures always consider someone with big had to be with big brain too. I don’t find myself as a very intelligent creature. I just love to experiment and make conclusions of my findings.” 89. главоман “Не мога да разбера защо съществата си мислят, че щом имаш голяма глава, имаш […]

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99 creatures: 88. urban ant

  88. urban ant They live only in cities and are quite fond of culture and art. They are very good diggers of good works and creatures always rely on their opinion when it comes to art. 88. градска мравка Те живеят само в градовете и много обичат културата и изкуството. Доста добри откриватели са […]

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99 creatures: 87. bubo

87. bubo “When I was young I thought I look like a wardrobe. I was quite embarrassed and avoided going out too often. Now I feel better – I am okay with myself. Creatures love me!” 87. бубо “Когато бях малък си мислех, че приличам на гардероб. Притеснявах се доста и рядко излизах с приятели. […]

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99 creatures: 86. softy

86. softy “It’s so great to be big and red! Everyone notices you when you enter the room!” 86. мекчо “Колко е яко да бъдеш голям и червен! Всички те забелязват, когато влезеш в стаята!”

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